yellowmagenta and summer

hey hey hey hey heylowwyellow.
so im taking a break from work and blogging hahahaha....
so ummmm, this summer there are a looott of things i wanted to take
like sewing and making clothes. then maybe cooking hahahah
i know it sound like i am trying to learn how to be number one
housewife. but im not(it comes naturally, jking).
but i decided on learning another language,
doing fun summer job and playing in the field. i like learning this new language
although i have to learn a new alphabet i think like 2 sets of new alphabets.
and im still in elementary level hahahaha... but in my class
there are a lot of new and intrestin people.

im sleepy its 3.05 in the afternoon and just got 4 hours of sleep...
owh gawd why am i so lazy..

oh well gtg people....

how do u people spend ur summer?

im boring, i like weird things, and im yellowmagenta