visa pissed travel

i want to go traveling this year... emphasize on the want...

can you fund me? HAHAH yes... now thats my problem
where the money? heck i dont know!

maybe i should like collect coins in my house maybe ill be enough..i need to go traveling!

ps: apparently my passport need visa to most of the country i want to go to WHAT
WRONG WITH YOU COUNTRY!!! i was pissed the whole day when the travel agent said "are you *%^*&(*%^&*?" me"no why? im #$%^&*^& and my friends #$(*&^%
oh then you will need a visa and i was like " so $%^*^%# dont need visa?"
"no not to most countries" and i was like $%*(&^%$#$%^&*()*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*&^%$
(the useage of random symbols are to sensor and to protect some thing i.e bad words,race,
country, identity, etc. HAHAHAH)