sand snorkling and wonderfull beach!

see how nice the beach is and thats my friend that remain to be anonymous..
me and my friends went to perhentian islands. its located in terrenganu [ hope my spellings right]
and it was sooooo beautiful seriously.
im not the best swimmer right. but we went snorkeling and i saw a sea turtle 2 times. it was like
in the movie finding nemo i for got the names of the turtle
and i saw a small shark, ya ya ya i know it wasnt the big kind but fyi i would FREAK
if it were the big kind. oh ya. i just discovered im extremel
y afraid of fishes in big numbers.
why? because they like 'love bite u' and they are slimy when they touch my legs arms and back.
and when i put my head in the water they are all in my face. im terrified they'll love bite my
face!! i only have one face, and i dont want fishes to live bite it :P
yeah se thats mostly it....

and there are more pictures!

little human person [i dont know if its a girl or boy] see the water's crystal people!

our mode of transport from one island to another.. hahahaah
and that guy over there is the driver. :)

oke thats all from yellowmagenta
thanks for droping by...

ps: tell me if there are more beautiful beaches around..


anyone can tell me?!

anyone can tell me how to get a scholarship?

whowwww thats random...

chillin studyin stressin

im out yellowmagenta


listening to my mood

hey... these past months i have been a loner.
staying in my room chillin and these past months
i realize that i listen to music that's according to my mood.
and mostly they are dorky songs.
im listening to ayaka a Japanese singer her song is OKAERI
try downloadin it... well its mellow.
and it makes me feel all warm inside :)
i dont know japanese but i hope one day i will but it
seems to be a sweet song... maybe ill find a translation on the net.

so yeah its 5 in the morning and im in bed but not a sleep.
just came home from late late late dinner or early early early breakfast
with my 2 amigo's. and i have finals this week in two days.
oh well... im to stressed and to chilled for this exam....

well ciao people... or who ever stumbles on this yellow magenta blog.

respect to u from yellowmagenta.

ps: isn't that just so cute?! found it on the net... love it... its a store. somewhere in japan hehehehe


hi you, yes you... i cant believe ur reading this but thanks :)
im yellow magenta [ haven't found a good pen name.] but as you can see
my blog is blank... and there is nothing written here...
so ya....
i made this blog out of pure boredom so i hope we can entertain
each other [ for all the other people out there that are bored just like me]
ill find things that are interesting to write in this blog...
but i warn you... im not that interesting so maybe we can talk about you...
yes you... :)
so yeah... [blank]

see u later