listening to my mood

hey... these past months i have been a loner.
staying in my room chillin and these past months
i realize that i listen to music that's according to my mood.
and mostly they are dorky songs.
im listening to ayaka a Japanese singer her song is OKAERI
try downloadin it... well its mellow.
and it makes me feel all warm inside :)
i dont know japanese but i hope one day i will but it
seems to be a sweet song... maybe ill find a translation on the net.

so yeah its 5 in the morning and im in bed but not a sleep.
just came home from late late late dinner or early early early breakfast
with my 2 amigo's. and i have finals this week in two days.
oh well... im to stressed and to chilled for this exam....

well ciao people... or who ever stumbles on this yellow magenta blog.

respect to u from yellowmagenta.

ps: isn't that just so cute?! found it on the net... love it... its a store. somewhere in japan hehehehe