sand snorkling and wonderfull beach!

see how nice the beach is and thats my friend that remain to be anonymous..
me and my friends went to perhentian islands. its located in terrenganu [ hope my spellings right]
and it was sooooo beautiful seriously.
im not the best swimmer right. but we went snorkeling and i saw a sea turtle 2 times. it was like
in the movie finding nemo i for got the names of the turtle
and i saw a small shark, ya ya ya i know it wasnt the big kind but fyi i would FREAK
if it were the big kind. oh ya. i just discovered im extremel
y afraid of fishes in big numbers.
why? because they like 'love bite u' and they are slimy when they touch my legs arms and back.
and when i put my head in the water they are all in my face. im terrified they'll love bite my
face!! i only have one face, and i dont want fishes to live bite it :P
yeah se thats mostly it....

and there are more pictures!

little human person [i dont know if its a girl or boy] see the water's crystal people!

our mode of transport from one island to another.. hahahaah
and that guy over there is the driver. :)

oke thats all from yellowmagenta
thanks for droping by...

ps: tell me if there are more beautiful beaches around..


Anonymous said...

then i dont recommend you to try out fish spa.. hahaha!

yellowmagenta said...

I KNOW!!!!
its creepy the way that they are drawn to you and start eating u... icks....

whiteliliesforme said...

hello yellowmagenta. nice to meet you, ah im soo jealoused of you! while im drowning with this brokenheart thingies you were having fun at the BEACH! unforgiveable !!

- D! -

pramesti widya said...

hey hellomagenta! thk u soooo much for stopping by. btw, i was just thinking about going to the beach. anyyyy beach. you sure gave me some ideas. =D

Anonymous said...

it should be spelled with a single 'r' and double 't' :)

yellowmagenta said...

hahahah is it wrong oh well... lazy to edit... and im not good at spelling anyway! and the spell check didnt detect it sooo yaaaa.... heheheh