waking up is not my thing but i woke up to this it was okay.. :)
lita and virginia. nice day for a walk


wait i have lived in the tropics for all my life and the first feeling of fall
is refreshing.... cool and chilling for an all year summer girl.
maybe its time to move, it is time to move to another chapter
another location.. im sitting here with my mom and her long time friends.
and my mom is old and she still have these great friends. will i still have mine
in 40 years to come when im old and wrinkled but wise and have wisdom?
it makes me smile to se mama with her friends loud and quento about what has happened
in the past years they haven't seen each other.
where will u guys be after 20 years?
moving forward is something that im anticipating. :P
just my food for thought.


gorilla thingi...

it causes pain, it makes you scream but me and my friend
"indah" from the chronicles love to play this . i dont know whats
its official name is but we call it GORILLA.
u have to hold on to two metal handles and there's a screen where
it show your score and it depends on how long are you able
to hold on to it, while the metal handles vibrate like crazy.

indah's face.

my painful expresion

more of indah, oh and u can see that there are two people heading toward us. watching in
pure SHOCK!

and i think they were turned of and walked away.

oh and us with the GORILLA.

hahhaha go try it in the arcade in pim :P


my sassy girl

hahahah here i am with my korean drama fever... but i swer this is important to share !!

and the trailer is out....

oh and btw.... i like the korean version better.... hahahahhaha....
well anyway, just sharing with more pictures than word's cause its 2 in the morning
and i seem to be pissed about something... so i better just think happy thoughts.

OH yeah im going to put this in bold, why can hollywood just air the original with
english subtitles. i hope asian work can be recognized over-seas wink wink *hollywood*

kan oke kalo film2 kita bisa ada di bioskop terdekat di sanah! iya ga?

oke maybe not really or yes i dont know. i'm deprived sue me.



pan and james

i acually saw this a long long time ago
but it still cracks me up :P


where ever i am my heart belongs to Jakarta and all of the people and places that is in it.

half and born, cant help falling for this city manila.

where i should be now, this is bb. kuala lumpur.

i want to see this for my self.

would want to get lost in translation in tokyo
-pieces of me-


chronicles of "indah"

indah caught in the act.
indah : kekerasan dalam rumah tangga.