gorilla thingi...

it causes pain, it makes you scream but me and my friend
"indah" from the chronicles love to play this . i dont know whats
its official name is but we call it GORILLA.
u have to hold on to two metal handles and there's a screen where
it show your score and it depends on how long are you able
to hold on to it, while the metal handles vibrate like crazy.

indah's face.

my painful expresion

more of indah, oh and u can see that there are two people heading toward us. watching in
pure SHOCK!

and i think they were turned of and walked away.

oh and us with the GORILLA.

hahhaha go try it in the arcade in pim :P


Davin said...

miss her big time

yellowmagenta said...

atleast comment on the gorrila thingi.... ckckckckck oh ya miss me? thank you!! HAUAHUAHUAHAUH nahisou..*huek*