Clutter may refer to any of the following:

  • Excessive physical disorder:
    • Clutter (organizing): A confusing or disorderly state or collection; or the creation thereof. Excessive, unnecessary or uncontrolled clutter can be a symptom of compulsive hoarding. >> yes i have a lot of information stuck in my head i should erase some data. ?
  • Speech
    • Cluttered speech, when speech becomes broken or sounds nervous>> yes that's definitely me these days, i should just not talk to people?

yes clutter is like this thing that's attached to me ( think of shutter when the
chick ghost is madly in love with the guy lead, it then like does
eternal piggy back ride on the guy lead), clutter is like following me around these days.
clutter in my room, laptop and my assignments that look's like a code
that only me can figure out. i hope my lecturer can figure out what im talking about in this
one. clutter is going to lead me to chaos.

clutter (uncountable)

  1. a confused disordered jumble of things : hahahha this right here is like a mirror in front of my face... confused disordered jumble of things. i need a cleaner...
sori for random rumbling about unnecessary stuff...


acilalala said...

u got an award!
please check my blog for further info ;)

Anonymous said...

im sorry but i just have to laugh at the term that u used for shutter.. "Eternal piggy back" ahahahahaahaha i dunno it just sounds so funny and i picture you saying it it becomes more funny :P

yeahh facehunter didnt shoot me because im apparently not stylish enough myl ahahahah but u read my blog i left you a reply about facehunter