i am actually going crazy... crazy cause im a lazy azz who should
be hitting the papers that my lecturers gave me. or at least reading journals
to complete my baby called dissertation shit. but im not
im like surfing the net posting pictures of starbucks take out and portable ashtrays.
being lazy is like in my genes like its in newyorker's gene's to walk
really fast (i dont walk that fast cause im a lz ass). tip: if u decide to lower
the speed of your walking in ny ull get trampled (i did) weeee :(.
oh well lazy ass here is going to post a living complex i think i didnt even bother to read
the whole article (thats how lazy i am today im like only looking at pictures)

oh i got one new years resolution : STOP BEING LAZY ...

i think ill edit this post again cause i think the only ones who can understand this is me and 2 or 3 friends .

source of cute house :http://mold-ndc.blogspot.com/