the unmarried club?

oke im asian and the fact that is that my family
will ask, who is your boyfriend and when are you going to get fckin married.
hahahahha yes that the pressures of being asian.
so me and my two friends were in the car
otw home from the animal hospital (yes, my friend M had a sick cat)
and we were talking bout random stuff then we were talking about marriage.
yes random right. so yes we have a brilliant plan to run away to
another country and like live together where nobody will
pressure us about marrying in the age of like 25.

and this conversation didnt JUST happen. I am turning 20 in like
2 hours, so we it is my last day as being a teen,,,
and yeah topics like that come up... hahahha
so yeah....

for all you people that want to join the unmarried club... hahahha
lets run away far far away from our family's!!! hahahaha

rather than living with dozen's of cats live with dozen's of unmarried friend hahahahhaha

yes my post is depressing...
and stupid... hahahah but that me so shut up ...


bye yellowmagenta